KRATOS Blue Coat Roof Repair

KRATOS Blue Coat Roof Repair

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KRATOS Blue Coat Roof Repair

Do you have roof damage that needs immediate roof repair?

We can help!

Hurricane and Tornado hit areas:

KRATOS Blue-Coat Roof Repair was design to be an immediate temporary roof repair.


When the roof is damaged and workers and supplies are limited:


KRATOS Blue-Coat Roof Repair will provide temporary solution to stop further weather damage to the house.


Hurricanes – Tornados – National Disasters

Blue-Coat vs. Tarp:

1.       Blue-Coat is sprayed directly onto the damaged roof and will not tear and blow away.

2.       Blue-Coat is water resistance.

3.       Blue-Coat is mold retardant.

4.       Blue-Coat has been tested to last over one year.

5.       Blue-Coat is ICC certified – click here for ICC report

Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005

Lake Charles, LA, February 22, 2006 - FEMA's blue roof program provides tarps to temporarily protect dwellings from further rain damage. FEMA encourages hurricane victims to repair their roofs quickly but contractors aren't always available. Robert Kaufmann/FEMA